The British Section

The Lycée International St Germain-en-Laye & Partner Schools

All applications, except those for Fast Track in Le Pecq, should be sent to:

Mrs Sarah Grégoire
British Section
Lycée International
2bis, Rue du Fer-à-Cheval
CS 40118
78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Cedex

Tel: 00 33 1 34 51 62 64 (press 1 for admissions)

Applications for Fast Track in Le Pecq should be sent to:

Mme Catherine Sagne
Section Britannique
Collège Pierre & Marie Curie
62 avenue Pierre & Marie Curie
78230 Le Pecq.

Tel : 00 33 1 39 76 85 93 (office open from 8h30-12h00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
e-mail :

FROM THE ADMISSIONS OFFICER                                             10 July 2018
Sarah Grégoire                                                                                                                                          


We are closed for the summer holidays until Tuesday 28th August.

For September 2018, we are currently unable to accept any further applications as our classes are full. Please contact Sarah Grégoire when we re-open prior to the new school term when we will know if we have had any unexpected departures over the summer. If any spaces have become available over the summer break, we will arrange entrance tests.




If you proceed with an application

  1. Please submit the following documents in a single envelope addressed to:

Mrs Sarah Grégoire
Admissions Officer
British Section, Lycée International
2 bis rue du Fer à Cheval - C.S. 40188
78105 St. Germain en Laye Cedex

  • A letter from the parents addressed to the Director of the British Section giving details of your child’s previous schooling.  It would be helpful if you could comment on your motivation for applying to the British Section.
  • Please also include your current email address and telephone number.
  • School reports covering the last two school years (where possible) and any supporting documentation about the standard of the applicant’s English.
  • Photocopied samples of recent schoolwork in English (where possible).
  • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate or other official ID.
  • An identity photo of the applicant
  • One cheque of 160 Euros per child for Maternelle applications, 200 Euros for Primary applications and 250 Euros for College and Lycée level applications to cover non-refundable application fees, made payable to 'The British Section.' Please contact Sarah Grégoire directly ( regarding enquiries for Seconde and Première.


  1. Once your application has been received, you will be invited to complete our online admissions form following which we will inform you if we will be inviting your child to sit our entrance assessments. Please note that the application fee will only be refunded if we decide not to invite your child to the assessment stage.

We look forward to hearing from you.